Medical Assistant Exam Success

Medical Assistant Exam Success 1.1

Build confidence, improve understanding, and prepare for professional growth
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This effective review tool features nearly 1,700 questions that cover the general, administrative, and clinical content featured on the national CMA, CMAS, (AAMA0, and RMA exams. Each question includes the answer and a concise explanation for all correct responses. An Electronic Test Bank on the bonus CD-ROM offers an interactive approach to exam preparation. It’s perfect for MA students as a test-taking study tool and for practitioners preparing for their exams.
- Presents over 1,670 review questions in the text, covering all three content areas.
- 300 in a Comprehensive Mock Test
- Offers an additional 300 questions on the CD-ROM.
100 General
100 Administrative
100 Clinical
300 in Comprehensive Mock Test
- Reviews all of the curriculum content areas mandated by the CAAHEP and ABHES.

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